Kaftan Shirt

by Krel

$120.00 USD

The Kaftan Shirt is super soft, light weight and just a yummy piece in general. Fits every lady no matter what your size and shape.

Made in California, USA with eco-friendly Tencel yarn.

Best washed by hand and hung to dry.

The pieces made by Krel have one fun fact everyone should know, this is made by one single piece of fabric created in the artist workshop, where she adequates each piece to fit every body shape. And the best part is that every piece has multiple styling options.

  • Size: One Size Fits All.
  • Warranty: 3 month warranty for any manufacturing defects. Warranty is only effective with prove of purchase and products will undergo an inspection before being granted. In case the item shows signs of damage not covered by our warranty our policy will be voided.
  • Lead Time: 20 working days. Waiting time may be less if product is available in stock.
  • Made of: Eco-Friendly Tencel yarn.
  • Care Instructions: Keep in mind this is a handmade piece and it should be taken care as such. We recommend hand wash only and hung to dry.