Arado Mochila Bag

by Najash

$246.00 USD

The Arado Mochila Bag by Najash is a special piece 100% Handmade by an indigenous community in Colombia.

This Treasure was made by artisans from the South west of Colombia, Sibundoy Putumayo, Indigenous Community KAMENTSA .

Their territory is called BËNGE WÄMAN, which translates ” Our sacred place of origins “.

The figures are symbols of their community, representing the moon, earth and water.

These is a handmade treasure that takes countless hours to create and shows handmade luxury at its best.


  • Product Specs: Mochila type bag 100% handmade by the Kamentsa indigenous community in Colombia.
  • Lead time: Up to 20 days after purchase but usually pieces are shipped before if available in stock.

  • Care Instructions: Please keep in mind that this is a handmade piece and you should take care of it accordingly. Try to keep it away from humidity and avoid direct contact with alcohol and water or product containing such.

  • Product Measurements: Height 123cm - Width 22cm / Strap: 110 cm Long - Width 5 cm / Bottom: Diameter 15cm X 15cm
  • Please note that all products are handmade and measurements may be subject to change.