Penacho Earrings

by Oropendola

$29.46 USD

100% Handmade earrings made by artisans using the macrame technique with and amazing design.

This handwoven, unique piece is created by artisans in Colombia in collaboration with Oropendola.

  • Care Instructions: This is a handmade piece and you should take care of it accordingly. Please avoid direct contact with alcohol or any other substance containing alcohol. In case you need to clean it we recommend using a brush and liquid soap.

  • Warranty: 30 day warranty for any damage related to production. Warranty will only be effective with a copy of the product´s invoice.

  • Lead Time: 22 labor days after purchase. Piece could be available earlier if in stock.

  • Made of: Waxed cotton and jewelry pieces made from 24K gold plated brass.

  • Product Specs: 5 cm W X 12 cm L