Christian Byfield

Christian Byfield, born in Colombia, was a successful industrial engineer who left aside his desk, tie, and successful business to embark on a journey to find himself.

What started out as a personal experience turned into a social experiment. He left his day to day life and started a 754 day trip which included 59 countries, starting in Ethiopia and by 2016 he was back in Colombia.

On his trip he learned that a smile is the perfect weapon when it comes to connecting with others. A universal language that spreads and shows gratitude in the most sincere way possible. This is when Christian decides to photograph this smiling faces that transmitted the most beautiful feelings in the world filled with love, joy and sorority, bringing life to his first project called “Una Colección de sonrisas por el mundo” or “Collecting smiles around the world“.

Christian Byfield´s lense tells stories of his travels. Stories that capture happy moments, amazing adventures and the freedom that comes from liberating yourself and doing what you love, and in the process, finding what connects you to the world.
Byfield is an adventurer, a globetrotter. Official spokesperson and ambassador for GoPro and Avianca with columns on magazines like Maxim and Luxury Magazine

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